Enrique Iglesias: ‘Anna Kournikova doesn’t mind me kissing female fans’

Enrique Iglesias has insisted his partner Anna Kournikova doesn’t mind when he kisses other women at his shows.

The Hero singer is known for getting ladies up on stage when he’s on tour, and often passionately locks lips with those female fans. However, while many would be less than happy with their other half kissing random women, Enrique has insisted his tennis ace girlfriend isn’t bothered.

Asked what Anna makes of his kissing fans during an interview on British TV show Lorraine, Enrique replied: “She’s totally cool, she’s the coolest, she’s great. She knows I love what I do and she’s all for it.”


The 43-year-old also responded to rumours that he and Anna wed in secret, insisting that the pair aren’t married – but sometimes it feels like they are.

“When you’ve been with someone for quite a while the way I have it’s like being married,” he smiled. “I’m not married but I’d like to get married maybe in the future.”

Enrique became a first-time father when Anna gave birth to twins Nicholas and Lucy last year (17). And during the interview he admitted that entering the world of parenthood has impacted his outlook on life.

“It feels incredible – it’s one of the best feelings in the world,” he said of fatherhood. “Has it changed me? I drive slower. I think about stupid things I’m about to do a few more times before I do them – I’ve become more responsible.”

The Spanish heartthrob was introduced to the music world at a young age as his father Julio Iglesias is a world-famous singer. And asked how he’d feel if his offspring would want to follow him into the industry, Enrique replied: “I’d be cool with that – I want them to do whatever is going to make them happy. I’m going to hopefully be a cool, easygoing dad.”