Emmy Rossum finds meal preparation ‘incredibly’ relaxing

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Emmy Rossum makes time to prepare her meals in advance as she finds the process to be very relaxing.

The Shameless actress has long been an advocate for living a healthy lifestyle, and is a fan of trying out different exercises classes, from high-intensity workouts to Pilates.

However, Emmy is certain what she eats makes the biggest differences to her sense of the wellbeing, and she has now shared how she plans out her dishes for the week.

“I love to cook. I find it incredibly relaxing. I’ve become a stress cooker, not a stress eater,” she told U.S. Shape magazine. “I’ll roast a bunch of carrots and make some fish and cauliflower rice, so I know what I’m putting in my body. That allows me to have a really good relationship with what I’m eating – avocados and healthy oils, good starches, and foods that are going to fuel me for the rest of my week.”

Emmy went on to explain that she tries to take a “holistic” approach to food and exercise. And even though the star has coeliac disease, meaning she cannot tolerate foods containing gluten, she still manages to include carbs in her diet.

“I like seeded bread and things that are whole-grain and gluten-free. I’ve learned how to bake in a Paleo way and eat food that sustains my blood sugar, gives me strength, makes me feel full, and tastes good,” the 32-year-old said.

In addition, Emmy spoke about her tendency to be “overprepared” and finds it hard to be vulnerable. But she is learning to ask for advice from others she trusts, such as her acting coach or husband Sam Esmail.

“I think confidence comes from working really hard at something and knowing that you can be better at it today than you were yesterday,” she smiled.

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