Emilia Clarke still ‘annoyed’ by Game of Thrones’ ending

Emilia Clarke was “annoyed” that Kit Harington’s Jon Snow “got away with murder” in the finale of Game of Thrones.

The hit HBO show wrapped its eighth and final series last May, and reflecting on the death of her beloved character, Daenerys Targaryen, who was murdered by her former lover Jon Snow, Emilia told Britain’s The Times newspaper she’s still not over the ending.

“Yeah, I felt for her. I really felt for her. And yeah, was I annoyed that Jon Snow didn’t have to deal with something? He got away with murder- literally,” she said.


Despite her frustrations, Emilia had known the ending for years, and she added that when the show finally did come to a close “it felt like coming out of a bunker. Everything felt really strange.

“I knew how I felt when I first read it, and I tried, at every turn, not to consider too much what other people might say, but I did always consider what the fans might think – because we did it for them, and they were the ones who made us successful, so… it’s just polite, isn’t it?” she shared.

When asked if she was mad that Daenerys didn’t get a “happy ending”, Emilia admitted that she was, but added that the show was a “gift” for her as an actor, and she hinted she wasn’t entirely ready to finish the show, by saying, “We could have spun it out for a little longer.”