Elsa Pataky competes with husband Chris Hemsworth during workouts

Elsa Pataky competes with her “perfectionist” husband Chris Hemsworth during their intense workouts.

The Fast and Furious actress began dating the Thor star in 2010, and they got married just months later, and are now parents to daughter India Rose, seven, and six-year-old twin sons Sasha and Tristan.

Elsa revealed that not only does she work out at her home gym at the couple’s Byron Bay mansion in her husband’s native Australia, but the 43-year-old regularly competes with Chris when they’re doing push-ups and sit-ups.


“Not all exercises require the use of weights. Push-ups, sit-ups or any other exercise where your body is the only thing involved can be used to create rivalry,” she explained to InStyle magazine. “The competitions you can have with these types of exercise are very enjoyable – it’s something that both my husband and I love, as Chris is also very competitive.”

The mother-of-three, who recently released her debut fitness and wellbeing book, Strong: How to Eat, Move and Live with Strength and Vitality, shared that she loves exercising with the Extraction star as they push each other to do more.

“We have trained together since we met. It can be very funny because I always want to keep going. That’s why I wait until he says we have finished, for example with sit-ups, and then I will say, ‘Let’s do 10 more!’ We’ll do them and then he’ll say, ‘No, another 10 more!’ and so on until we’re both left panting and exhausted,” she laughed.

However, she credits working out together as one of the reasons why their relationship is so “strong and healthy.”

“We laugh, we have a good time,” Elsa shared. “Chris is a perfectionist – even more so than I am – he knows what he has to do and he does it. It’s no wonder he has achieved what he has in his career.”