Elle Fanning inspired by Neon Demon style

Elle Fanning found herself wanting to look like her The Neon Demon character after filming.

The 18-year-old actress stars in the thriller as Jesse, an up-and-coming model learning to navigate her way in the fashion-obsessed world of Los Angeles. Plenty of bold clothing and make-up looks are seen throughout the flick, including glittery eyeshadow, which Elle has been spotted rocking at showbiz events like the Gucci Cruise collection show.

“It kind of did!” she laughed to U.S. Vogue when asked if the role rubbed off on her. “After the film, I first wore glitter eye makeup at the Saint Laurent show in L.A. It’s strange because your characters kind of stay with you. And then when you’re doing press for them, you’re standing next to the movie poster, you’re on the purple carpet, and you want to look like Jesse for a little bit.”


To physically prepare for the role the blonde beauty stuck to her normal regime of ballet, with lots of cardio on top. She also ate safely, tucking into plenty of kale and chicken.

Elle’s pale complexion makes her stand out from a crowd and she credits several products for keeping her complexion in good condition.

“Lots of sunblock,” she explained. “I’m allergic to PABA (Para-AminoBenzoic Acid) so I use Neutrogena PABA-free (sunscreen). My skin is very sensitive, and it’s so pale that everything will show up on it, so I have to be careful. I go to Dr. Lancer and I use his products. I also use this amazing oil that my sister introduced me to: Blissoma.”

Elle’s older sibling is fellow actress Dakota Fanning, who boasts the same ivory skin she does. When it comes to cosmetics Elle keeps things simple, favouring CoverGirl mascara, Chanel cream blush and Marc Jacobs lipsticks.

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