Elizabeth Banks will never undergo plastic surgery

Elizabeth Banks will never be tempted to undergo plastic surgery because she fears it will leave her with “emotional or psychological baggage”.

The actress/filmmaker has never had any cosmetic enhancements and isn’t planning on having any in the future either, as she wouldn’t want to deal with the psychological effect of making any drastic changes to her appearance.

“I’m trying to age gracefully,” she told Dax Shepard during a chat for his Armchair Expert podcast on Monday. “That’s something I will happily say to everyone, like, I have not put anything in my face, I’ve never had a needle in my face … I’m really uninterested in the psychology of starting to mess with my face.


“I would do it if I could happily look in the mirror and not have emotional or psychological baggage doing it but I just… I don’t want to do it and I’m trying to resist and there’s a reason for that and I have to honour it.”

As for her reasons for not having surgery, the 45-year-old continued: “I feel the way about those kinds of doctors as I do about a lot of things, like, you are putting your livelihood and your life into their hands and who knows what could go wrong … like why am I doing that?

“And then I’ve also had friends and my sister who have faced cancer and have had surgeries and stuff and you’re like, ‘Why would I voluntarily put myself under a knife and like anaesthesia and all that?’ It’s all so dangerous, is my point.”

When it comes to how she’ll cope in the world of Hollywood as she advances in her years, the screen star said she hopes society’s views of ageing will change.

“I’m just over it,” the Charlie’s Angels director reflected on the pressures to appear youthful.