Dwayne Johnson warns fans about fake Facebook accounts

Dwayne Johnson is urging fans to stay “vigilant” against social media scammers seeking money from his fans.

A number of phony Facebook pages have been created in the wrestler-turned-actor’s name and seemingly show The Fate of the Furious star promising cash and other prizes if they send him money.

However, Johnson has now taken to his official Instagram account to warn fans about the fake pages.


“Sorry if you’ve been affected by these fake @facebook accounts asking for $$ (money) or worse yet, actually engaged with them enough to send money in,” he writes. “Hey I get it, sometimes when we’re broke and struggling to make ends meet, the promise of a fast buck can be appealing. It’s hard to mitigate these a**holes, because they pop up by the dozens daily hoping to prey on the ones who’ve fallen on hard times.”

“Be smart, vigilant and don’t engage,” he adds.

Johnson is not the only celebrity to deal with fake social media pages – actor Patrick Dempsey also recently warned his fans about online scams.

“It has come to my attention that people have been impersonating me and asking my fans for money,” he wrote on Twitter last month (Aug18). “Please do not ever talk to, or give money to anyone saying it is me. My official profile has a blue circle with a check mark.”

“Just to be clear, I do not ever direct message people from my social media accounts,” he continued. “I do NOT have messenger for FB (Facebook). If you receive a message, it is not me. Please do not send any money to anyone who is asking and saying they are me.”