Dog the Bounty Hunter ‘struggling to eat’ following wife’s death


Dog the Bounty Hunter has dropped almost 20 pounds (nine kilograms) since his wife Beth Chapman passed away.

The reality star died last month, aged 51, after losing her battle with throat cancer.

And in an interview with People, Dog, real name Duane Chapman, admitted grief is taking its toll on his body.

“I’ve lost 17 lbs. in about two weeks. I need to bulk up again. But I can’t eat. Two bites, I’m full,” he shared. “So I gotta force-feed myself like I force-fed her.”

Beth announced she had been diagnosed with Stage 2 throat cancer in September 2017, but beat the disease.

The cancer returned late last year and spread to her lungs.

When asked how he is feeling in the wake of his wife’s death, he explained: “In a new experience that you have, you don’t know how you’re doing because you’ve never experience it. I have a lot of people that depend on me.

“All my supervisors said, ‘Dog, it’s time you man up.’ So I’m trying to man up,” he added, explaining that sometimes his emotions get the better of him.

“I am a cry baby. I blame it on my heritage. I can cry talking about crying. So I would be crying through the whole thing and I sob — I can’t stop it. So I can’t do that. And decisions, I can’t make them right now… So manning up would be not get over it, but face it, take over it.”

Beth’s funeral, which will be live streamed, is set to take place this weekend.

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