Demi Lovato honours late great-grandmother with tattoo

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Pop star Demi Lovato has added a new portrait of her late great-grandmother to her collection of tattoos.

The Confident hitmaker, who recently enjoyed a vacation in Bora Bora, decided to honour her beloved relative with a new inking on her forearm early on Thursday (16May19), and shared video footage of the session with Los Angeles-based artist Dr. Woo on her Instagram Story timeline.

She also posted pictures of the finished skin art online, showing off a close-up of the detailed black-and-white tattoo of her “Mimaw” posing in a white shirtdress and thick belt during her youth, as well as a side-by-side shot with a copy of the original photo the singer had given to Dr. Woo to show how accurate his work was.

“This is for you Mimaw,” Demi captioned the slideshow of snaps. “You at 26 on my arm while I’m 26, and forever. I love you more.”

“Thank you @_dr_woo_ for making her come back to life for me..,” she added. “it’s stunning and the most meaningful tattoo I have ever gotten.”

Demi had previously shared her heartache at the loss of her great-grandmother, to whom she was incredibly close, following her passing three years ago.

“This morning I lost my world and the world’s most special woman,” she told fans in May, 2016. “I miss her more than words can even describe.

“There is an emptiness in my heart that only her spirit can fill and I pray that I will feel her by my side every single day until we meet again. I attribute my strength to her..She held on when she lost the love of her life.. The one she was married to for 53 years…”

“The pain I feel is almost unbearable but because of her strength I will power through it,” she added. “The love and support I have received has been empowering and so special to me.. I love all of you so much and I am forever grateful for the prayers, texts and fan art my Lovatics (fans) have made me. Thank you.”

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