Debby Ryan settled on dream Elie Saab dress months before planning wedding

Debby Ryan picked out her dream wedding dress months before making any other decisions about her nuptials to Twenty One Pilots rocker Josh Dun.

The Insatiable actress wed the drummer in a secret Texas ceremony back in December, with the news announced in a feature published on on Thursday.

For her big day, Debby selected a stunning Elie Saab silk wedding dress, which featured a sweetheart neckline, and in the accompanying interview, revealed it was the only item she had settled on while organising the wedding.


“The day the collection dropped on Vogue, I saved it,” the 27-year-old explained. “For a long time, it was the only image of a wedding dress I had saved anywhere, and the only image in a folder titled ‘wedding’ on my phone.”

Debby later changed into a silk slip dress from Are You Am I for the reception, which she had originally planned to wear on the couple’s honeymoon.

“I asked my mom to bring her veil so that I could reference it and surprised her by putting it on for the reception,” she explained, adding that she paired the dress with an heirloom pearl necklace and white Nike Cortez sneakers. “Felt sweet and cute to wear my mom’s veil from the ’80s with this slip dress.”

And rather than wear a traditional garter on her thigh, Debby wore a pair of lace bike shorts instead, and confessed that she was forced to make another outfit change – into a sporty white minidress – at the end of the night.

“I underestimated how much dancing was going to happen, so right before midnight I threw on this DKNY, which was so festive. I loved how bright it is in the hard flash, the reflective silver appearing whiter-than-white in the lights of the dance floor,” the star shared.