David Tennant attacked by dog while filming Good Omens

David Tennant was reportedly left bleeding after a dog attacked him while he was filming a scene for TV series Good Omens.

The former Doctor Who star was shooting a scene in which he was waving his arms and screaming at his 13-year-old Sam Taylor Buck, who plays the Antichrist, when a Jack Russell named Ollie bit him on the left calf, punctured his thin leather trousers and managed to draw blood.

The Scottish actor reportedly limped to his trailer, where an on-site medic treated him, and he was later given a tetanus injection by a local doctor. He was reportedly back on set within half an hour.


A spokesman for the production of the Terry Pratchett adaption told the Mail on Sunday David had suffered a “superficial wound from an on-camera dog and was promptly treated.”

Trainer Jill Clarke from 1st Choice Animals also explained that Ollie, aged two and a half, is trained to grab hold of trouser legs and was tasked with grabbing David’s ankle in an earlier scene.

“The scene in question was a page later,” she said. “We advised the crew not to use Ollie because he would remember what he had been doing. Ollie is a very well-trained dog. He was just trying to do his job.”

Ollie was allowed to film his next scene before having a Christmas break as scheduled but Clarke is yet to hear if he will be back on set in 2018 like planned.

“He’s a dear little dog, good as gold. Off-set, David’s been cuddling and talking to him,” she added.

A source told the newspaper Ollie will now be replaced by a computer-generated dog.

Tennant plays a demon named Crowley alongside Michael Sheen, who plays an angel, in the show, which is set to air in 2018.