David Beckham advises children to ‘work hard and make sacrifices’

David Beckham is tough on his children because he wants them to succeed in their ambitions.

The former England soccer player shares sons Brooklyn, 20, Romeo, 17, and Cruz, 14, and eight-year-old daughter Harper with fashion designer wife Victoria, 45. And speaking in the October issue of GQ magazine, the star, 44, shared that he’s instilled in his kids the importance of work, because he doesn’t want them to rely on their family name for success.

When asked what advice he’d pass onto his children, he replied: “To work hard, simple as that… I tell the kids they have to make choices, sometimes give things up. If your friends are going out on a Friday night, maybe you can’t.


“Maybe you’ve got tennis practice the next day or you’re in the studio singing, like Cruz, or you’ve got a shoot, like Brooklyn. That’s where your focus needs to be. Work hard, be passionate, take care of your family. End of.”

The sportsman, who is the winner of the Editor’s Special Award at the 2019 GQ Men Of The Year Awards, went on to share that “all I ever wanted was to be successful as a footballer”, and credits fierce commitment for his extraordinary career.

“Obviously, I always did things outside of the game and outside of my footballing career that were slightly different at the time,” he continued. “I think it’s more acceptable now to do some of the things that I did, some of the covers, some of the photo shoots, some of the sponsorships, but I think my focus back then was to just win trophies.

“Anything outside of the game was just a bonus.”

The GQ Men Of The Year Awards will take place on Tuesday night.