Danny DeVito turned up drunk to chat show after wild night out with George Clooney

Danny DeVito has revealed he once turned up for a chat show appearance still drunk following a night out with George Clooney.

The 74 year old said a lack of sleep and too much alcohol meant he wasn’t sober by the time he turned up for his TV interview the following day.

Appearing on The Jonathan Ross Show in the U.K., Danny explained, “I went out with George Clooney. We had a lot of Limoncello. I had to do a talk show the next day.


“Anyway, I didn’t get to sleep until really very, very, very late. I slept in the morning, couple of hours. I took a shower and on the show I was still bombed.”

The Matilda star continued, “I didn’t get much rest. They said, ‘How you doing?’ I said, ‘The last seven Limoncellos got me’. That was good.”

During his chat, which will air on Saturday (22Mar19), the father-of-three also spoke about his friendship with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“I see Arnold. In business you get to see people intensely, you’re doing a movie, a couple of months, and then you don’t see them for a while. You bump into them,” he revealed. “There’s always that familial bond, because we had a great time on Twins.”

Danny, who stars in the remake of Tim Burton’s Dumbo, opened up about his friendship with ex-wife Rhea Perlman, who he split from in March, 2017.

“We’re friends. We’re happy. Everybody’s happy,” he admitted.

The couple, who married in January, 1982, has worked together on several occasions, including TV show Taxi and hit movie Matilda, and Danny said they may even do it again in the future.

“‘She’s a good actress and I love working with her,” he added.