Danny DeVito angry about America’s gun control problems

Funnyman Danny DeVito is getting serious about America’s gun control issues after the Orlando nightclub massacre.

The movie star hasn’t been thinking of much else since the tragedy took place earlier this month (Jun16), and he’s urging lawmakers to ban semi-automatic weapons, like the one used to kill 49 people at the Pulse club on 12 June (16).

The gunman used a Sig Sauer MCX rifle, a weapon designed for U.S. Special Operations forces, during the massacre, and DeVito is struggling to understand how a non-military person can get their hands on such a gun.


“It’s a gun that we shouldn’t have in our country,” DeVito told Entertainment Tonight. “It’s one thing to have a hunting rifle or a target pistol, but this gun is just made to butcher people. It’s an awful, awful thing, and we just let it go. You and I and everybody out there, we have to figure out a way to stop them.”

The actor is a longtime advocate of gun control and he’s urging the American public to rise up to demand a change in the law – because he has no faith anyone in power can make that decision.

“Nobody in the government is reliable to get rid of these guns,” DeVito added. “The only people who can get rid of the guns are people. We can go march in the streets and say, ‘This can’t be’. We can’t let this continue.”

Danny joins a growing list of Hollywood stars who have taken aim at politicians in the United States Senate who rejected new gun control proposals on Monday (20Jun16).

Just over a week after the nightclub massacre in Orlando, four measures created to toughen up firearms sales laws were put before U.S. Senate representatives for review, but to no avail.

John Legend, Mia Farrow, and Kristin Davis are among those who took to social media on Monday to express their grief over the U.S. Senate decision.

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