Danielle Brooks wants to use her platform to champion body positivity

Danielle Brooks has come to realise how important it is for her to use her platform to champion body positivity.

  The Orange Is the New Black actress discovered during her time on the Netflix prison drama, which ended after seven seasons earlier this year, that people were paying attention to what she had to say, and she decided to use that influence to help others feel good about their bodies.  

 “I began to realise the impact of my voice when the first season of Orange Is the New Black dropped,” the curvy star told Shape magazine. “I started to see girls use my red carpet looks as inspiration for their prom dresses. I began to see my interview quotes on social media. I realised that I could be what I wished for as a young girl, for someone else.  


 “I wanted someone in the industry, who I felt was a reflection of me, to scream from the mountaintops: ‘I love my body! I can accomplish whatever I want in the exact body God created me to be in!’ As I met people along the way, I began to understand the importance of not shying away from being an advocate for body positivity, but running toward it full throttle.”  

 The 29-year-old, who is pregnant with her first child, went on to share that the world tells women what they’re supposed to look like, and she wants them to know they are perfect exactly as they are. 

 “I’ve always had this desire to prove people wrong – to say that this body that I’m in is enough. Now that I’m about to be a mother, it means even more – to make sure that this human being I’m going to bring into the world knows that they are enough,” she commented.