Daniel Radcliffe would love to play David Bowie in a biopic

Daniel Radcliffe dreams of playing David Bowie in a biopic – but is convinced he’d “screw up” if the opportunity ever arose.

The Harry Potter actor was asked during a recent interview with U.S. network Fox News if he’d ever consider starring in a rock biopic.

And although he revealed his dream role would be Bowie, who will be played by musician/actor Johnny Flynn in an unofficial new film later this year, Daniel isn’t sure he’d be the right man for the job.


“If you’re talking like dream thing, who would it be fun to play and which songs it would be great to sing, then I suppose it’d be David Bowie,” he explained. “But I’m not actually submitting myself for that. I don’t think I’d be good, and I certainly think there are people that’d be better. And also, we don’t need to make a film about everyone’s life.”

However, Daniel wouldn’t rule out appearing in a different music-based project as he would also like to star in a project about “something punk or something from the ’70s that would require less singing ability on my part”.

The 30-year-old is also wary of any film about a rock star he really loves.

“If it was a musician that I loved as well, there would also be this sort of twin pressure of I don’t want to screw up a movie about my favourite musician,” he added.