Courtney Love regrets getting rid of her Dior Saddle bags

Courtney Love has no idea why she decided to get rid of her Dior Saddle bags.

The singer has recently teamed up with the female-focused resale site to sell her old clothes and accessories, with 10 per cent of the proceeds going to Stand For Courage, a foundation which fights bullying.

And though she’s willing to say goodbye to coveted items like her Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane suit, there are some items she regrets taking out of her wardrobe.


“You know what I wish I’d never gotten rid of? My Dior Saddle bags. Why did I do that?” she lamented to Elle U.S. “And also, anything I once had from Marc Jacobs’ Perry Ellis grunge collection.”

Though designer Marc is bringing back a reissue of the famous line, and Dior head Maria Grazia Chiuri has recently reintroduced the Saddle bag, Courtney admits that she often has too many outfits as she has a tendency to “collect stuff”.

“When I moved to New York the second time, in 2009, I had to cull my wardrobe for the first time in a decade. I felt my wardrobe heaving, and I had to hire someone to help me de-clutter,” the 54-year-old laughed. “She starts putting all my clothes on racks, so I can see them all for the first time, and I’m like, ’Wait, I have 10 of that same dress? What’s this Margiela thing? I don’t think I need that anymore.’ So off it goes. At least, it’s supposed to go…”

Courtney is also adamant that her cast-offs can help future owners be whoever they want to be.

“If you need (my clothes) to be strong or glamorous or whatever you need, take it,” she encouraged.