Cillian Murphy gifted David Bowie with Peaky Blinders cap

Peaky Blinders star Cillian Murphy sent one of his character’s flat caps to David Bowie as a gift after learning the late rocker was a big fan of the TV series.

The rock legend’s representatives reached out to show creator Steven Knight in 2015 in the hopes of having some of Bowie’s new material featured in the third season of the period crime drama, and they sent along an advance copy of what would become his final album, Black Star, for consideration.

Touched by the news, Murphy, who plays gang leader Thomas Shelby onscreen, decided to pass along a little show memorabilia to Bowie for the festive holidays.


“We were friends and I sent him the cap from the first series as a Christmas present,” the actor told Britain’s Birmingham Live. “He was a very sweet man and a genuine fan of Peaky Blinders, and I was a huge, huge David Bowie fan.”

Knight did end up using one of the Black Star tracks, Lazarus, for season three, episode five, but Bowie didn’t live to see the show – he died in January, 2016, two days after releasing the album on his 69th birthday.

“We all grew up with David Bowie and he’s a hero,” Knight said. “It’s a major thing that someone like that was a fan of the show. He said he wanted his music to be part of it, but at the time I didn’t know it was his dying wish.”

The writer also plans to feature other Black Star songs in the upcoming season five, which is expected to return to screens in the coming months.