Christine Baranski had an awkward moment with Michael Sheen following penis joke

Mamma Mia! star Christine Baranski had an awkward run-in with actor Michael Sheen on the set of TV drama The Good Fight after she learned he had apparently named his penis after her.

The actor’s ex, Sarah Silverman, revealed her then-boyfriend had a special name for his manhood in an interview, leaving Baranski both shocked and oddly flattered.

And when she eventually came eye to eye with the Welshman, she admits it was a little uncomfortable.


“We embraced, and I looked him straight in the eye – I did not look anywhere else but his face,” the actress tells Entertainment Weekly. “We had a huge embrace. I often said, ‘If I ever meet Michael Sheen, I won’t know where to look’. It was very easy because I was greeting him as a colleague and he was in court about to shoot a scene and I wasn’t working that day.”

She says “the Great Christine Baranski” – the name Sheen reportedly gave his penis – did not come up until the pair filmed a scene together.

“It’s a scene where he’s spinning tales and telling me that he knows about me and he’s got my number and all of that (and) I’m having none of it,” she recalls. “I call security to get him out.

“In the middle of shooting that scene, he looked at me and said, ‘You know, I never said that about my penis… It was Sarah, my then-girlfriend!’ And I said, ‘It’s fine. However, the fact I’m associated with you is an honour, Michael’.”

Baranski also reveals there’s a “tongue in cheek” nod to the Sarah Silverman joke in her character Diane Lockhart’s first meeting with Sheen’s lawyer Roland Blum: “He (Blum) says, ‘The sooner this (story) will go away the better,” she reveals. “And I quite agree.”

Sheen was announced as a cast regular on the third season of The Good Fight at the end of last year (18).