Christina Milian & Jenna Dewan love being pregnant at the same time

Christina Milian and Jenna Dewan are convinced Netflix has brought them baby good luck.

Both actresses, who star in streaming series Soundtrack, are pregnant with their second child – and they’ve bonded over the special experience.

Milian, who is pregnant with a baby boy, tells U.S. show Entertainment Tonight, “After we got done shooting (Soundtrack), it must be like a good-luck show because we both came back and we’re preggers.”


And the ladies have formed their own support ‘group’ to share tips and information.

“We have a little group chat on Instagram, and so we’re talking about, ‘How’s it going? How are you doing? What are you eating?’ that kind of stuff,” Christina shares. “So we’ve been sharing, like, little, ‘I feel so huge! I feel so big…’ That’s how you feel when you are pregnant.’

Meanwhile, Milian, who is already mum to nine-year-old Violet – her daughter with ex The-Dream, insists she can already sense a difference between her second child and her daughter, insisting the baby boy is “superactive”, while her daughter was “really chill” when she was pregnant in 2010: “So now I get to see the difference in personality,” she reveals. “He is setting me up for getting ready to run after him.”

Dewan is also discovering her second pregnancy is a little tougher than her first: “(I’m) a little bit more tired and nauseous this time around,” she notes. “Overall, it’s been great. I’ve definitely been working a lot throughout it, which has been a blessing in a lot of ways, so I kind of keep going. Craving-wise, I’m craving a lot of junk food this time around.”