Chrissy Teigen’s hamster escapes again

Chrissy Teigen flew into a panic for the second time in as many days on Tuesday (12Mar19) after her new pet hamster broke free from its cage again.

The model, cookbook author, and TV personality only purchased the rodent with her daughter Luna on Sunday, but within its first 24 hours at the Los Angeles home Chrissy shares with her husband John Legend, the furry friend, named Peanut Butter, had escaped from its enclosure.

“Welp the hamster got out,” she told fans on Twitter.


The scare didn’t last too long, as four hours later, Chrissy updated followers by writing, “Found her!!”

She didn’t offer up details on where Peanut Butter had been hiding, but on Tuesday, she had gone missing once more.

“Oh my f**kin g (god) the hamster is gone again,” Chrissy posted.

After a number of fans advised her to try and trick the animal into coming out of hiding by using real peanut butter as a treat, she tweeted, “we are doing your peanut butter on a plate trick to find peanut butter. I swear to god if other critters come out of the woodwork for it, john will vomit and die”.

One person even challenged Chrissy to offer up photos to prove the hamster had disappeared, to which the confused beauty replied, “pics of what SHE’s GONE (sic)”.

Others began criticising the mother of two for failing to read up on how to properly look after “living, breathing animal”, but Chrissy defiantly retorted: “well newsflash I had two whole babies I didn’t research either,” she wrote. “honestly I researched hamsters more than I did with babies”.

She then expressed remorse for not ordering a luxurious “two story glass condo with a hammock” before taking Peanut Butter home, as she only purchased the pet pad online on Monday after the rodent’s initial disappearing act.

“it’s (sic) condo is on its way,” she posted. “my mistake was buying a cage dumber than the hamster”.

The hamster remained on the run as WENN went to press, and the drama is sure to annoy singer John, as Chrissy previously admitted he was “not thrilled” with her impulse buy.

The couple already has a full house – in addition to Luna and baby son Miles, Chrissy’s mother Pepper lives with the pair, along with bulldogs Pippa, Penny, and Pablo.