Chrissy Teigen happy for Kelly Clarkson’s son to marry her Luna

Chrissy Teigen is all for Kelly Clarkson’s idea to marry off their kids.

The singer recently revealed her three-year-old son, Remington, is smitten with the model’s daughter Luna and wants her to be his wife some day – and Kelly was all for it.

And now Chrissy appears to be on board too, telling Entertainment Tonight she’d be “thrilled” if the kids wed.


Teigen tells the news show she adores Clarkson’s kids, especially her daughter River, who takes charge of all the kids backstage at The Voice, while her mum judges the talent show, alongside Chrissy’s husband John Legend.

“She has the most incredible family,” she says. “Our kids and her kids hang out backstage at The Voice, and River is just such a little… she, like, runs my daughter. She’s like, ‘Here’s what you need to do’. She’s, like, taken over backstage because she’s been there longer, and it’s adorable to see.”

Kelly previously revealed she’d love Remington and Luna to hook up in the future – because they would make “the most beautiful babies”.

“Their skin tones, their eye colour, I’m like, ‘What would that baby look like?’ the proud mum gushed. “They probably think I’m weird. Definitely they probably think I’m weird.

“I think it’s fun to have other kids that kinda grow up in an environment… it’s not normal. You know, it’s not like an everyday scenario, like how we all grew up. So, I like that they at least get people to hang out with every once in a while… with the same kinda vibe to where they don’t feel weird.”