Chrissy Teigen ‘can’t stand’ John Legend’s scheduling habits

Chrissy Teigen has pinpointed the one thing she “can’t stand” about her husband John Legend during a Twitter Q&A with fans.

The star was interacting with users on the social networking site when they quickly started to ask about her musician husband – and Chrissy didn’t hold back when it came to her beau’s bad habits.

When asked what’s the “one thing she can’t stand” about her man, the model responded: “Scheduling. He will tell me something he knows I didn’t hear and get mad when I am confused later.”


She then shared an example: “‘Hey, I’ll take Luna to school today and also I’m going to Washington D.C. next week.'”

Chrissy also revealed that she doesn’t have to worry about “bickering” with her husband in front of fans or employees at home because he learned not to answer back.

“I don’t hide anything. I fight in cars, I fight at home, I fight at the airport. I don’t care. John just won’t fight back,” the 34-year-old confessed.

Once she’d finished going in on her husband, the Lip Sync Battle host discussed the one famous face who “rubbed me in an extremely wrong way” when they appeared on the show. However, Chrissy refused to give names.

“The bigger the celeb, the nicer. I’ve met a lot of borderline people who had super attitudes lol (laugh out loud),” she added.