Chris Pine slams detrimental superhero diets

Chris Pine has blasted superhero diets for being extremely unhealthy.

The American actor is certainly no stranger to starring in action films, and can next be seen reprising his role as Captain Kirk in Star Trek Beyond. Although he’s had to boost his fitness for the high-octane flicks, Chris, 35, hasn’t gone to the same lengths as Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans to bulk up for their Marvel films – and he dreads to think of the impact it has on their bodies.

“You’ve got Thor, you’ve got Captain America. These guys are eating 5,000, 7,000 calories, waking up just to eat food, eating 15 meals a day,” he told Men’s Fitness magazine. “For your liver, I don’t think that’s healthy.”


Instead of going to such severe lengths, the Wonder Woman star works with trainer Mark Wildman to hone his muscular physique. The pair do exercises such as squats, lunges and presses and use kettle bells for their workout sessions – following the philosophy that its best to move the body in different directions.

“With this workout, all of a sudden you start to float more,” Chris explained. “Even my friends used to make fun of the way I walked. I was walking in this rigid way, and it had a lot to do with having been an insecure kid trying to move protectively. Now, my body is moving in a more healthful way. It’s because of Mark’s process.”

In return Mark is impressed by Chris’ efforts and notes it isn’t an easy feat, joking: “These movements are why woolly mammoths went extinct.”

Thor heartthrob Hemsworth has previously bemoaned his beefy body, admitting he felt uncomfortable being that size. However, for 2015’s In the Heart of the Sea the Australian star had to drop 33 pounds to pay a stranded fisherman, and tucked into just 500 calories a day to slim down dramatically. Because of this, he saw his emotions swirl and lead to him having a “pretty moody existence”.

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