Chloe Grace Moretz adopts low key beauty routine off set

Chloe Grace Moretz is low maintenance when she’s not having to glam it up for the cameras.

The Kick Ass star likes to keep her makeup routine simple when she’s not on set or at a red carpet event.

“I spend so much of my time wearing makeup on set any minute I had off I tried to be as bare-skin as possible,” she tells Us Weekly, revealing that growing up in a busy household with four brothers impacted her approach to self care.


“I grew up with four brothers and they were in and out of the bathroom and out the house in 15 minutes,” she shares. “So I always had shortcuts to feel comfortable enough to go outside.”

The 22 year old’s low key approach has carried over to her role as a representative for SK-II skincare products, which led her to be part of the brand’s Bare Skin Project and pose makeup free for the campaign.

“It felt like a badge of honour for myself to be able to go bare skin to see what that feels like in front of the camera,” she says. “It’s just you and yourself. There’s nothing to hide behind.”

As part of the collaboration, the young beauty appears in the #BareSkinChat series on Youtube, in which she shares self care tips.

“I hope that people see how much fun we had doing it and it encourages them to bare their skin – like they don’t have to hide behind coverage or makeup,” she notes.

Moretz has also learned to be more accepting of her battle with cystic acne, noting stars are more open about skin issues these days: “It’s hard when you live in a world where you’re expected to cover your face,” she says. “It’s great now though that we can talk about skincare instead of covering up.”