Cher’s fragrance took four years to make due to her indecisiveness

Cher’s new fragrance took four years to create because she kept changing her mind during the process.

The pop icon recently released Cher Eau de Couture – her first scent in more than 32 years – and explained that the process took more than four years because she kept changing her mind.

“I can’t say exactly why it took four years,” the 73-year-old told Allure magazine. “Nothing ever took me four years. I just knew when I had it. A few times, I thought I had it, but a few days later, I changed my mind. It was kind of like, you know it when you see it.”


Cher Eau de Couture is the Believe hitmaker’s second fragrance, her first being Uninhibited back in 1987. Featuring notes of bergamot, clove, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, vetiver, and vanilla orchid, the fragrance is a mixture of traditionally feminine and masculine scents.

However, Cher was keen to avoid giving her scent a gender.

“I don’t think in terms of genders. I didn’t specifically want to create a ‘genderless’ fragrance. I created it for people who like it. I’ve worn men’s fragrances,” Cher explained. “I wanted a heavy scent. Not that I wanted people to run out of the elevator, but I wanted to be sure it lasted beyond the first spray.”

Her new scent is influenced by her favourite smells and inspired by her mother – who was a big fan of Christian Dior’s Joy.

“I do love the smell of freshly cut grass. I used to do cartwheels and remember that smell really well. I love the smell of popcorn and pumpkin pie. My mom always smelled good. I know she sometimes wore Joy, but she guarded it like it was diamonds,” Cher sweetly recalled.

Cher Eau de Couture is now available for $85 (£66) on