Charli XCX’s favourite festival accessory

Singer Charli XCX is reviving the bum bag for the festival season.

The British pop star has played on several big stages over the years, making a pit stop at Glastonbury and Reading Festival in 2015. She’s happy to stand in the crowds too and plans to rock a retro accessory at this year’s (16) performances.

“I’ll give a bum bag a go this year,” she smiled to Britain’s Closer magazine. “It’s practical, you don’t have to worry about putting it down somewhere and forgetting it, plus it’s hands-free!


“(A disposable camera is useful too). It means you’ll save battery on your phone and you won’t get in a panic if you lose it or it gets dropped in the mud. Plus it’s so much fun getting your photos printed off afterwards!”

Another way Charli, 23, intends to keep things breezy this summer (16) is by selecting just a few cosmetics to bring with her rather than carting her whole make-up bag. She’s also following the motto that less is more with application, especially if the heat is on and the sweat is building up.

“I like a colour-pop eye liner, a light base like a CC cream and Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium perfume,” she shared. “Oh, and don’t forget your body glitter!

“Staying in a tent for a few days isn’t that glamorous, so take lots of useful stuff to make life easier. Loo rolls, plenty of water, face wipes and rose water. Rose water smells amazing and actually helps you freshen up – it’s like a shower in a bottle!”

The Boom Clap musician is just as low-maintenance with her outfit choices too and rather than dolling up, Charli would rather chill in some retro gear.

“I like a nice vintage tee, a casual skirt and an Adidas tracksuit,” she listed. “I like sporty pieces rather than the usual boho dresses. Prepare for rain, too – I’m taking an awesome silver mac to Glasto (24-26Jun16).”

And Charli certainly knows how to dress according to her figure, as she recently told Daily Mail Online that she doesn’t worry about her weight much and focuses on wearing pieces to flatter her curves instead of spending all her time exercising.

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