Celebrity DJ Sita Abellan unveils jewellery collection

DJ to the stars Sita Abellan is launching a nightclub-inspired jewellery label.

The 25 year old, who gained notoriety after appearing in Rihanna’s B**ch Better Have My Money music video, is set to unveil the first line from her Lilith brand early next year (19).

The 31-piece collection includes rings, earrings, belts, and necklaces, many of which feature snake designs.


“The snake is my spirit animal because I find that it represents a transformation and change in a life,” she tells Vogue. “The name Lilith has a special meaning too. While not mentioned in the bible, Lilith is a well-known figure in Jewish mythology.

“As the story goes, she was the first woman created before Eve and is often characterised as a demonic creature of the night, something that gives the collection an alluring edge… (She’s) a woman who breaks the rules and doesn’t care what others think and I felt that was very cool, and that is what I want everyone to think when they wear the jewellery.”

A large gold snake cuff and S-shaped chain that connects a bracelet and ring are also among the items available in the new line.

To promote the release, Spanish native Abellan has teamed up with fashion photographer Jordan Hemingway to present tarot card style images, featuring women wearing her jewellery designs.

Abellan made her mark in the jewellery and accessories world by creating projects for Faith Connexion and Fendi. She also hit the catwalk at Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma fashion show last year (17).