Cecily Strong struggling with grief during coronavirus lockdown

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Actress Cecily Strong is struggling to come to terms with the death of her cousin while alone in quarantine after her new boyfriend tested positive for COVID-19.

The Saturday Night Live comedienne admitted the coronavirus crisis has been tough to navigate emotionally as she opened up about her personal heartache in a candid essay for Vulture.com.

In the new article, Strong reveals her “little cousin” Owen died of brain cancer earlier this year, and she was still grappling with the tragedy in March, just as her romance with a man named Jack started to turn serious.


“At first I thought it was so difficult to meet someone right as I was losing someone I loved so much,” she writes. “I knew he’d have to be patient with me. He’d have to let me grieve. It would be easier not to even try during that process. But grieving for Owen was like nothing I’d ever experienced, and I promised Owen and myself to continue to let all that love be there along with the sadness.”

However, Strong soon discovered her new man had contracted COVID-19 – forcing her to enter quarantine to avoid potentially spreading the virus to others, and going through the whole process alone has been rough.

“I’m in the middle of my two-week quarantine in my tiny apartment in New York. I’ve cried every day,” she confesses.

Strong recalls Owen’s ability to remain positive even when his illness was at its worst, and while she is trying to remain optimistic, the funnywoman, who has a history of anxiety and depression, can’t help but worry about Jack’s wellbeing.

“I’m scared about Jack. I’m really scared…,” she continues, as she shares how fear is threatening to consume her while in quarantine.

“What if Jack dies? What if I die? Owen just d-. I can’t say it or write it…,” Strong adds.

“I’m so low and I’m so afraid. I’m afraid of the water coming out of my pipes. I’m afraid of outside. And I am so alone. I’ve never felt so alone.”