Carole Baskin wants to ‘advise’ Kate McKinnon ahead of new Tiger King series

Tiger King star Carole Baskin is hoping to ‘advise’ Kate McKinnon before she portrays her in a new series.

The Ghostbusters star will play the conservationist and big cat protection advocate on the show, based on the second season of Wondery’s Over My Dead Body podcast, which also inspired hit Netflix docu-series Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, and Baskin has offered up her services as a consultant to the Saturday Night Live cast member.

“(Kate) has not reached out to me and I really hope that she does before she gets too far down the line with it,” Carole said during an appearance on Dennis Quaid’s podcast, The Pet Show. “I’d love to know what her take is on it and what she’s thinking to do and see if there was any way we could advise her.”


McKinnon will also executive produce the show, which will focus on the rivalry between Baskin and Joe ‘Exotic’ Schreibvogel, who accused his nemesis of murdering her missing husband and then was jailed for hiring a hitman to kill her.

“We reached out to her through the media, because I don’t have any way of contacting Kate McKinnon,” Carole added.