Carol Burnett ‘grateful’ for Mad About You reboot

Carol Burnett is “grateful” for Mad About You reboot despite having a difficult time filming the show.

The 86-year-old actress reprised her Emmy-winning role as Theresa Stemple, the mother of Helen Hunt’s character, in the rebooted eighth season of the popular sitcom, which debuted in November and finished airing earlier this month.

Speaking to USA Today, the comedy legend revealed returning to the set was like stepping back in time for the stars, explaining: “Paul (Reiser) and Helen, they just have it down pat. It’s like they are married.


“They obviously adore each other and admire each other’s work and you can’t even figure that they’re acting. Sometimes, Paul would say something, and I thought it was Paul talking to me, but it was the character. He’s so natural. They couldn’t have been sweeter.”

However, Burnett added that filming the show was a bit trickier than expected as the star suffered from a “terrible cold”.

“The day we did the first read-through, I had no voice,” she remembered. “But then I had a day off, so at least I got my voice kind of back. We (taped) on a Friday and the cold was knocking me out, but you know what? The show must go on.

“Joanna Kerns, the director, was mindful of the way I felt. I wanted to do right by it, so I was concerned, but they all embraced me and I will always be grateful for that.”

Mad About You follows the goings-on of a couple living in New York, and originally ran from 1992-1999. The reboot, available to stream via Spectrum, sees Hunt and Reiser return and adds Cloris Leachman to the cast.