Cardi B spent $6,000 on Givenchy suit to ‘get noticed’ by designers

Cardi B once spent $6,000 (£4,730) on a Givenchy suit in a bid to “get noticed” by designers.

The I Like It hitmaker spoke to fashionistas at the recent Room Service membership event at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles, hosted by Creative Jenius Report founder CJ South, where she was supported her stylist Kollin Carter.

While sipping on a strawberry margarita, Cardi candidly revealed how she started small and took baby steps at the beginning of her music career, and even spent her own money on her red carpet look for the BET Awards in 2017.


“For the BET Awards, the first time I went, my Givenchy suit cost about $5,000 to $6,000,” she said, before explaining that stylists should be advising their clients to spend money so they get recognised by big designers. “Little by little, they notice you. And you get noticed.”

Both Kollin and Cardi acknowledged that it took a while for the rapper to get accepted by big-name designers, and she urged stylists to tell their clients to attend every single fashion show they get invited to.

“It took us a while to get accepted and sometimes we used to be like, ‘Damn, when are we going to get invited to these shows? When are we gonna sit front row at these shows?'” the 26-year-old recalled. “And remember, you might get invited to a new designer’s show at fashion week. Don’t ever think, ‘Oh, but that’s so little. Well, who is that? I never heard of them.’ Attend. And make sure you dress nicely and bossed up.”

While Cardi has been dressed by the likes of Moschino’s Jeremy Scott, the former Love & Hip Hop: New York reality star laughed as she revealed no fashion houses would go near her unless she had style.

“You could be the hottest and they just don’t want you in their clothes because you just don’t got that style (sic). So it’s like you gotta prove to them that you got that style. You’ve got to keep on proving,” she smiled.