Cardi B not ready to launch her own fashion line

Cardi B has no interest in launching her own fashion line just yet.

The Bodak Yellow rapper is fast becoming one to watch on the red carpet, with fans raving about her ability to pull off just about any trend.

But while Rihanna has found success with her Fenty clothing collection and Kanye West’s Yeezy line is going from strength to strength, Cardi has now shared that she isn’t quite ready to follow in their footsteps.


“If I ever do that it will have to be at a certain point of my music career that I still don’t have to prove myself,” she said at Vogue’s recent Forces of Fashion conference. “I feel like Rihanna is at the point of her career that she don’t gotta release music, she already proved herself, she’s already there, she already put her time in, as well as Kanye. He’s been doing it for a long time.”

Previously, Cardi teamed with the designers at online retailer Fashion Nova on a range in late 2018, with many items selling out immediately.

But with juggling her hectic touring schedule and caring for her 15-month-old daughter Kulture, the star simply doesn’t have enough time to commit to making more collections right now.

“When it comes to doing designing (you have to be) there, for doing your clothes, your fit. It’s not a three/ four-day thing. You really have to be there every single day,” the 27-year-old insisted. “Nobody does the work better than you.”

However, Cardi did note that she’s having more fun putting outfits together for Kulture than she does herself at the moment.

“It’s been my new hobby lately. It’s so fun, it’s like dressing a doll all over again,” she smiled. “I keep all my looks… I have a really large closet! I hope my daughter is my size when she grows up.”