Cardi B forced to pull down too-tight jeans to ride in car

Cardi B has shared a semi-nude video of herself riding with her jeans mid-way down her thighs because they were giving her a “wedgie”.

The Money rapper, who has fought hard to regain her pre-baby figure, uploaded an Instagram video on Tuesday (15Jan19) showing her in the back of a chauffeur-driven car wearing her Dolce & Gabbana jeans pulled down past her thighs.

However, she later revealed in the footage that she had to undo the pants, exposing her stomach and thighs, because they were giving her a “p**sy wedgie”.


“These pants is too motherf**kin’ tight,’ she declared in the R-rated clip. “S**t was givin” my p**sy a wedgie, I hate p**sy wedgies bro. My p**sy be screaming at me like, ‘B***h you got me f**ked up. You want a yeast infection b**ch? You want a f**kin yeast infection??'”

Earlier in the evening, Cardi shared a glam photo of herself wearing the denim patchwork ensemble, which consisted of a jacket and the super-tight jeans, paired with a coordinating denim bra by Namilia.

But by the time she had got in her ride, she was gasping for relief.

“So, know what I’m saying?” the 26-year-old sighed. “P**sy breathin’ tho… P**sy Breathin!”

It’s not the first time the Bodak Yellow hitmaker has had trouble with her designer clothing. Earlier this month, she halted her concert at the Bay Dreams festival in New Zealand in order to leave the stage to fix a wardrobe malfunction after her underwear had uncomfortably ridden up.

“Anyways, y’all, I need a little break. I’ll be right back, I need to take this wedgie out my a*s,” she said around halfway through her 30-minute set, according to a video posted by a fan on Instagram.

Cardi twerked energetically throughout her performance, which may have caused the jewelled emerald outfit she wore over fishnet tights to become wedged in her buttocks.