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Camila Mendes ruined driving license with frizz bomb

Actress Camila Mendes is stuck with a terrible driving license photo after taking the image with a frizz bomb on her head.

The Riverdale star and Miami native is the new face of the Your Hair Talks, Make A Statement campaign for John Freida Hair Care and she insists she was the perfect choice for a makeover, because her locks have made plenty of statements in the past that were not to her liking.

“My driver’s license photo (is awful) – my hair is, just, like the worst,” she laments to People. “My hair would get into all these weird curls, it was awful. And my school was kind of outdoors, it was a really big campus, so we would have to walk, like, seven minutes to class to get to the other side of the building in the Miami heat. There’s no point in straightening your hair because it’s just going to frizz up again.”

Camila, 23, is proud to be the spokesperson for John Freida, since she has been using the company’s Frizz Ease extra strength product since she was 10. Nowadays, since she presses her hair straight so much for work, the naturally curled beauty does nothing more than put some Frizz Ease serum in her locks when she has a day off.

“I’m more low-maintenance only because there’s so many more hot tools on my hair now than I’ve ever used, that I need to give my hair a break,” she shares. “That’s why I like the serum because I feel like it’s the one thing I can do that can smooth things out and it’s going to be shiny and pretty, but I don’t need to use a hot tool to make it look good.”


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