Camila Cabello reflects on need for social media break as she returns to Instagram

Camila Cabello took a break from social media because she was feeling “overwhelmed”.

The Havana singer returned to Instagram on Tuesday to post her first selfie in a while, and explained to fans that she had needed to step away from the site to clear her head.

“Hello!!!! usually when I take these breaks from social media, it’s cause I need some space or time away from it – I think it’s healthy to know when you need time for yourself- that’s been my biggest thing I’ve worked on this year so far is to listen to my intuition and what my mind and body need!!!!” she wrote. “When I feel overwhelmed or overstimulated I’m like…. ok I need to give myself a little room to slow down. but I miss and love you guys!!!!”


Camila added that the snap, which showed her with a 1920’s style bob haircut and winged eyeliner, was taken on the set of a music video that’s going to be released shortly.

“I’m in London right now working on Cinderella and I’m having the time of my life TBH (to be honest) here’s a picture behind the scenes of a music video that’s coming out very very soon… how are you guys doing?! How’s life!! How are your hearts! I’ll read some of the comments and reply,” she concluded.

The 22-year-old is starring as fairy tale character Cinderella in a new version of the classic story, which was written by Pitch Perfect’s Kay Cannon. It also stars Billy Porter, Idina Menzel, and Pierce Brosnan.