Camila Cabello eats banana with every meal

Camila Cabello is a little obsessed with eating bananas.

The singer-songwriter has taken part in Vogue’s 73 questions video series, and during the chat, shared an interesting fact about her diet.

“I actually eat a banana with every single meal,” she revealed. “It doesn’t matter what it is. It doesn’t matter if it’s pasta, a sandwich, rice and beans, scrambled eggs, pancakes, pizza. I eat bananas with everything.”


In addition, Camila divulged that chocolate is her favourite food for dessert, while tequila is her go-to alcoholic drink.

When it comes to fashion, the former Fifth Harmony star noted that she is a big fan of Chanel and also looks to Rihanna for style inspiration.

However, she insisted her mother is the one she looks to for sartorial advice.

“She always tells me when I look like a homeless person when I’m leaving the house. And she’s like, ‘You cannot do that!'” the 22-year-old laughed.

Aside from the trivia, the Havana hitmaker, who is currently residing in the English countryside as she begins production on her upcoming Cinderella remake, gushed over the project, describing playing the lead role as being immersed in a “magical world”.

“Cinderella inspires me,” she smiled. “I love living in her magical world, where she believes in dreams and she believes in love and she believes in everything good because I want to be like that. I want to be that as much as I can.”

Idina Menzel, Billy Porter, James Corden, and Missy Elliott also appear in Cinderella. The musical is set to hit movie theatres in February 2021.