Brooke Shields understands her body more after knee replacement surgery

Brooke Shields achieved a better understanding of what her body is capable of after she underwent a partial knee replacement operation.

The 54-year-old actress opened up about her relationship with her body in an interview with InStyle magazine and shared that her days on Broadway in the 1990s were most likely responsible for her needing the gruelling op after years of punishing dance routines.

“From the day when I joined Grease on Broadway, I was a machine. Then I started getting injured and was having to play catch-up. But the show must go on: Once the adrenaline starts, you don’t feel the pain; you take an (painkiller) Advil at intermission,” Brooke explained. “You have to do eight shows a week. Physically, it’s unlike anything else because there’s no real protection, and there is no rest.”


The mother-of-two played Rizzo in the 1994 revival of the iconic stage musical, but the intense training and countless performances in the production prematurely aged her body.

“I let my body get beaten up for so many decades, and it’s gotten so much older than my chronological age,” The Blue Lagoon star shared. “I had a partial knee replacement recently, and by watching myself get through that and coming out so much stronger, I realised what I’m really capable of.”

Now, she has ditched the obsession with staying in shape and being the fittest, and instead concentrates on meditation and low-impact workouts, which she now shares on Instagram.

“I’m thankful that I’m even capable of working out,” Brooke stated. “I have a trainer who says if you’re stuck at home, you have to get creative. And I try to help my friends with it. The camaraderie is so encouraging and inspiring.”