Britney Spears releases 2016 Japan-only bonus track as worldwide single

Britney Spears’ new single Mood Ring is a recycled Japan-only bonus track from her 2016 album Glory.

After the hitmaker’s fans helped the record top the U.S. iTunes Pop Chart with the #JusticeForGlory social media campaign, the star continued to celebrate the disc, by changing the cover art without warning, replacing its original photo of her backlit face with a brand new snap, showing her stretched out and in chains along a desert landscape.

However, Britney didn’t stop there, and on Thursday, the hitmaker announced she was releasing Mood Ring – a limited-edition track from the Glory era – onto streaming and download services worldwide.


“You folks wanted a new album cover… tada there you go,” she wrote alongside an Instagram announcement. “What was requested next is out now. I hope you turn #MoodRing up sooooooo loud.”

The Stronger star also shared a cover for the track – with the same desert artwork as she used for the new album cover.

Following its release, the track reached the top three of the U.S. iTunes Pop Chart and charted in various territories worldwide.