Britney Spears leaves boyfriend at awards show following bizarre red carpet arrival

Britney Spears left boyfriend Sam Asghari standing solo at the Daytime Beauty Awards in Los Angeles on Friday when she asked to leave seconds after stepping onto the red carpet.

The pop star showed up to support Sam, who was being honoured for Outstanding Achievement in Fitness at the event, but clearly didn’t appreciate all the flashbulbs as the photographers took the couple’s picture and shouted out requests.

She turned to a publicist at one point and could be heard saying, “I just want to go.”


After posing for another few seconds, Sam escorted his girlfriend back to the sports utility vehicle in which they had arrived, and watched as she took off.

Fans aired their concerns on social media about the pop singer, who arrived at the event in a black mini dress with her hair unkempt, and looked uncomfortable in pictures from the red carpet.

Prior to the Daytime Beauty Awards, Britney took to Instagram to share a video of her dancing while waiting to leave with Sam for the ceremony, and then posted a clip of the pair in a car travelling to the bash on L.A.

“f you haven’t heard, my boyfriend @samasghari got an award for outstanding achievement in fitness at the #daytimebeautyawards So proud to be on his arm,” Britney wrote alongside the video of her and Sam posing with a cat filter on their faces.

Sam stayed and was honoured alongside the likes of Christie Brinkley (Outstanding Achievement in Health), Kate Somerville (Outstanding Achievement in Skincare), Tommy Chong (Zen Award), and dentist to the stars Rick Glassman.