Britney Spears joins mum in court for conservatorship hearing

Britney Spears joined her mum in court on Friday (10May19) as she fought for greater control of her’s daughter’s affairs.

Lynne Spears is demanding more access to information about the singer’s conservatorship, which is currently overseen by Britney’s ailing father, Jamie.

The court appearance was one of the Toxic star’s first outings since she completed mental health treatment in a wellness centre.


Reports suggest the judge overseeing the case requested Britney’s presence in court.

Lynne filed a request with the Los Angeles County Superior Court earlier this week (beg06May19) to receive updates on her daughter’s conservatorship, which was put in place in 2007 after the pop star suffered a meltdown.

Lynne’s ex-husband has been in charge of his daughter’s affairs with the help of a court-appointed lawyer, who announced his retirement at the beginning of the year.

Jamie has been struggling with health issues since late last year (18) after suffering a ruptured colon. Concerns about her father’s condition drove Britney to seek help for her own mental health issues, and earlier this week her solicitor succeeded in winning a temporary restraining order against her former manager Sam Lutfi.

Meanwhile, sources tell TMZ that Lynne, who is currently staying with the singer, is very keen to get access to her daughter’s medical records, but she has no interest in becoming a co-conservator of Britney’s financial and personal affairs.