Brandon Maxwell blown away by new client Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer made designer Brandon Maxwell so nervous he couldn’t speak.

Brandon designed the vibrant red and pink gown Amy wore to the Los Angeles premiere of her new movie, I Feel Pretty on Thursday night (19Apr18).

Taking to Instagram to show off his creation, which featured a plunging neckline and thigh-high slit, Lady Gaga’s fashion director Brandon revealed to his followers he was blown away working with the actress.


“Every once in a while a fitting comes along where I get so nervous that I’m saying words in my mind but they don’t come out of my mouth, you know? Such was the case with @amyschumer,” he captioned three images of the blonde actress.

“I have loved her from afar for so long. On bad days at work when I need a laugh I just close my office door, open up my lunch, and watch re runs of Youtube videos of her that I’ve seen a thousand times. So, in my mind she was already my lunchtime best friend, the one you sit with in the cafeteria that makes you feel loved and seen and good about yourself when you need it the most.”

Luckily, Amy lived up to Brandon’s hype, and he told his followers she fully embodied all his expectations, with the designer leaving the fitting “really loving” his job.

I Feel Pretty, which co-stars Michelle Williams, Busy Philipps and Emily Ratajkowski, tells the story of Amy’s character Renee, a woman who struggles with self-esteem issues until she wakes from a fall believing she’s the most beautiful and capable woman on the planet.

“The movie opens this weekend and I hope it makes you feel every bit as good as she and @leesaevansstyle made me and my team feel,” he concluded, tagging Amy’s stylist Leesa Evans in the post.