Billy Porter uses fashion to explore different identities

Billy Porter picks his outfits depending on who he wants to be that day.

The Pose actor is known for making a splash on red carpets by wearing dresses, extravagant styles, and for rewriting the rulebook on what men should wear in public.

Speaking to Vogue, Porter shared that he is not limited by gender when it comes to clothing and picks his outfits depending on who he wants to be that day.


“For me, as an actor, fashion has always been about, ‘Who do I want to be today?’ ‘What do I want to embody today?’ And allowing myself to explore that in a way that we don’t generally get to do very often,” he said. “We have structured it so much based on gender, that it has been really fun to take those gender shackles off, and (to remove) that desire or need to be masculine in a world that stresses that that’s the ‘better’ thing to be – and (instead to) just simply be. Be who you are, and what you feel you are in any given moment. So that’s what I’m doing with fashion. It’s fun.”

The 49-year-old admitted he didn’t feel free to experiment in the first 25 years of his career but he no longer feels pressure to conform.

“For the first 25 years of my career, I felt very pigeon-holed. Not anymore. Now, I’m too old to feel pressure about anything,” he added. “I’m gonna be 50 on September 21. F**k pressure! I show up. I do my job. I’ve been doing it for all my life. All I have to do is be myself. The shackles have been taken off: I’m free.”

Porter recently earned headlines for the showstopping looks he rocked during London Fashion Week, with him wearing an astonishing 15 outfits in four days.