Big Sean’s style influenced by music’s A-list


Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Jay Z have all influenced Big Sean’s style.

The U.S. rapper recently inked a deal with sports giant Puma, and will be bringing out a collection in 2018.

Sean, who is fast becoming one of the sharpest dressers in music thanks to donning everything from velvet suits to designer T-shirts on the red carpet, admits style is all about feeling.

“There were definitely influences on me that keep coming up during my life, Kanye, Pharrell – I mean Jay influenced all of us in some way shape or form,” he told GQ Style. “But just over the years, you know, style is just really how you feel honestly, it’s an extension of how you feel on the inside. You know what I mean.

“That’s what I’ve been recognising more and more, is that when whatever you want to do, what you’re wearing, that’s when you feel the best, not when you’re trying to dress like other people or anybody else. But I definitely get inspiration from Ye (Kanye), from Pharrell, from (designer) Nigo, from a lot of people like that.”

For the accompanying photoshoot, 28-year-old Sean posed in a series of tailored looks from brands like Etro and Boglioli. And for Elton John’s recent Academy Awards bash he rocked a vintage velvet suit by Gucci, choosing to go all out for the star-studded event.

“I feel like you gotta stand out when you wear a suit,” Sean smiled. “There has to be something special about it, whether it’s the colour, the cut – something you know. You don’t want to just look like a bartender, like you’re serving champagne and s**t. You gotta find something that stands out whether it’s the tie, the colour – or, if you’re going for a real traditional look just figure out accents and make that work in your favour.”

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