Beyonce’s Grammys look required last-minute alterations


Designer Malakai Hom once stayed up all night to ensure one of Beyonce’s stage outfits was perfect.

The designer is behind the superstar’s jaw-dropping 2017 Grammy Awards look, which saw her take to the stage and embrace her pregnancy bump with a gold body chain. Beyonce, who is currently expecting twins with husband Jay Z, also wore a matching halo-like crown.

“I was in Los Angeles and got the call from Marni (Senofonte, Beyonce’s stylist). I think we had 11 days. It takes 30 hours just to get to Bali (where he’s based) and back (from L.A.), and then there’s the time change, so it was really tight,” he told about creating the look. “We were fabricating handcrafted roses plated with gold, and I was worried she wouldn’t like it, and I barely slept… but when I flew back to L.A. and Peter (Dundas) and Marni showed (Beyonce) the crown, breastplate, and choker I made, they said she loved it.

“They wanted me to turn it into full-body jewellery by the next day, so I stayed up all night again. Then I found out she was pregnant, so we had to fill it out with even more chains.”

Malakai, who runs label House of Malakai, had previously made the headdress the Crazy in Love singer wore during the fire scene in her Lemonade video.

The pair didn’t meet until her Grammys performance though, and Beyonce was quick to heap praise on the up-and-coming fashion star.

“She was like, ‘Wow, we’ve done a lot together!’ She was absolutely gorgeous. Everyone was very generous and gave me a lot of recognition, which doesn’t always happen,” he smiled.

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