Ben Affleck tried ex-fiancee J.Lo’s insane sugar-free diet

Ben Affleck had a hard time giving up sugar and bread for 10 days after taking on the tough diet plan his ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez recently raved about.

The On the Floor hitmaker tried the fasting fad with her current boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, last month (Feb19), sharing her struggles with the restricted food intake with fans.

Ben, who dated Jennifer for close to two years until they broke off their engagement in 2004, caught wind of his ex’s diet and decided to try it himself ahead of the release of his new military movie Triple Frontier.


“No sugar, no bread. It was harder than you think it would be for just 10 days,” he told Extra, admitting he enjoyed the challenge. “It was fun. It was good.”

However, the 46 year old hasn’t seen his body change in the slightest.

“There’s zero results so far,” he shared, before admitting he went nuts on carbs the day after completing the diet.

“I binged on a bagel like a lunatic,” he said.

Ben insists giving up carbs for a little while was nothing in comparison to the sacrifice his veteran character in Triple Frontier endured, with the star noting he is deeply humbled by the hardships military men and women go through for their job.

“The degree to which people in the special forces sacrifice such an enormous amount… develop this extraordinary competence, and there is a shelf life to that career and then it’s over and there is a question: ‘Who am I aside from mercenary work, professional soldiering?’… (that dilemma is) not something that is the most easily marketable thing in the private sector,” he said, confessing the research interviews he did with real vets for the film hit him hard emotionally.

“The people we talked to talked about hardships – to me, it was humbling,” he shared.

Triple Frontier, which also stars Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam and Garrett Hedlund, will begin streaming on Netflix on Thursday (06Mar19).