Bella Thorne posts racy picture on Instagram

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne has caused controversy by sharing a “naked” snap with a hint of nipple visible on social media.

The 19-year-old Disney star posted the revealing snap on her Instagram account on Friday (12Aug17), where she is pictured customising jeans and appeared to be naked, at least from the waist upwards.


The Shake it Up actress can be seen sticking her tongue out at the camera, with a paintbrush in her hand as she leaned over an old pair of jeans that are covered in paint.

PAINTING TIME? it’s hot as balls outside ?

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She captioned the picture, “PAINTING TIME (rainbow emoji). it’s hot as b**ls outside.”

It looked like she had been careful not to reveal too much, with her body facing away from the camera and just her head turned, however the side of her breast and partial shot of nipple is still clearly visible.

The young star, who was recently romantically linked to Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend Scott Disick, is no stranger to causing controversy when it comes to her choice of risque outfits but refuses to go back to her squeaky clean Disney image.

Making her debut in Playboy magazine last year (Nov16), she revealed that she was disappointed in anyone who tried “to shame a woman’s sexiness” and slammed critics who judge her based on her appearance.

“People are constantly trying to change me, every second of the day, especially on social media,” she moaned.

“I’m not fed up with social media, I understand it, but people like to comment on how my image is too edgy, that I’m too edgy, and on how they wish I looked.”

“It’s a lot of ‘do this, don’t do that’.

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