Becky G applauds ‘real’ Demi Lovato for seeking help


Singer and actress Becky G applauded her good friend Demi Lovato for seeking help after her alleged drug overdose.

Demi, who has a history of drink and drug abuse, was hospitalised in late July (18) after she was found unresponsive in her Los Angeles home, and has since checked into a rehabilitation facility to help her regain her sobriety.

Becky, real name Rebbeca Gomez, spoke to Entertainment Tonight at the premiere of her new movie A-X-L, and confessed she was thankful that her pal had sought treatment.

“It’s something super personal and what I can say is that I’m happy that she’s on the right path to recovery. And the truth is, recovery is never over for someone who’s going through what she’s going through,” the 21-year-old said.

“Not a lot of people know this, but it’s something really close to my heart because I have a family member who suffers from the same thing, and I say ‘suffer’ because it really affects them and it affects everyone around them.”

The Confident singer is currently working with a specialist who focuses on mental health and sobriety.

Becky, who went on tour with Demi in 2014, further praised the 26-year-old for her honesty and willingness to share her life with the world.

“It’s a sad thing,” Becky said. “When you can overcome something (like that), and not only that, but share it in front of the world, because that’s another thing that I applaud her for and I’ve always admired about her. She’s so real.

“I applaud her so much for going through this in front of the entire world and continuing to still be that true, honest self that she is. She is a dope chick. She’s just so talented and has an amazing family. So I applaud all of them. I’m really praying. I think about it on a daily basis because I’m going through it myself.”

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