Bebe Rexha treated friends to dinner following $5,000 winning streak in Las Vegas


Bebe Rexha treated her friends to a lavish dinner after profiting $5,200 (£4,000) during a gambling spree in Las Vegas.

The Meant to Be singer has a penchant for the slot machines, which she told U.S. TV show extra proved quite fruitful during a recent trip to Sin City.

Revealing she has a $500 (£385) cap because she can “get crazy”, the star was “losing, losing, losing” until she “put in her last $100 and hit the machine” and it started paying out.

“I end winning like $1,800,” she laughed. “I took that $1,800, take $500 out of the $1,800, that leaves me $1,300. So I went to the next slot and I won about $1,200… I went to Wheel of Fortune and I won $3,000, and then I won $2,500, so I don’t know what it was but I wound up with $8,000 – but then with all the gambling back and forth and trying to make the money… I made $5,200, which is not bad at all.”

She added with a smile: “I always win.”

Remembering her friends’ response to her lucky streak, the Not 20 Anymore singer added: “All my friends are like, ‘Dinner is on you,’ and I’m like, ‘Sure.'”

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