Bebe Rexha: ‘I always thought I had to look like the girls in magazines’

Bebe Rexha thought something was wrong with her growing up because she didn’t look like the girls she saw in magazines.

 The Meant to Be singer, who hit headlines earlier this year when she blasted designers for declining to dress her for the Grammys, has learned to love and accept her curvy body, but that wasn’t the case when she was a girl and only saw skinny models in magazines.  

 “I always thought that I had to look like the girls in the magazines. The only girls I ever saw in the magazines or on TV were super-super skinny. I always thought there was something wrong with me,” she said to WWD. “We learn to be nice to others in school as little kids. Treat everyone the way that you want to be treated but we never learned how to love ourselves. I never had a teacher in school say, ‘Let’s say something nice about ourselves today.’ We as a society have never been taught how to love ourselves.” 


 The 29-year-old is encouraged by the fact that not all role models are skinny these days, and more celebrities are showing themselves without make-up on social media, indicating to their fans that they aren’t perfect all of the time.  

 “You can’t be perfect 24-7. That’s just not normal or healthy. I don’t walk around all day with make-up on and heels. That’s not real. That’s why you see the Lizzos and the Cardi Bs of the world resonating. They’re just being their real honest selves,” the star shared.  

  Bebe was recently tapped as the new face of U.S. clothing brand Bebe. Accordingly, she also explained that one of the reasons she wanted to partner with bosses at the label was because they always accepted her figure.  

“You hear things about your weight and your image. I think Bebe knows what I stand for and who I am. I’m very vocal about that,” she continued. “I love the fact that they were willing to ask a girl like me with curves who is natural. They are being inclusive. No matter what your body type is – skinny, small, thick – whatever you are, guy, girl, I think all body types are beautiful.”